I am strong. I am Beautiful. I am enough.

It all started when…

The downhill spiral started when I was about 10 years old. Before that time, I was a very active kid. I was not over weight by any means and no one would have ever expected me to eventually become overweight. By the age of 10, my eating habits have changed significantly . eating all the time was a steady activity in my family . I started to not enjoy being outside playing because I would become tired more quickly. I was picked on my whole life . I never had the experience of being a normal kid. I was verbally abused every single day. Being called fat, ugly, gross. I was picked last in gym class because no one wanted a fat girl on their team . Food was my way of coping through my problems . But as time went on, food was not helping . I felt like I was taking up space in this world and felt the need to not live anymore . I was sitting in a class room one day eating my lunch all by myself when I realized that I was either going to fight for my life or I was going to kiss my life goodbye. At that very moment , I decided to change. I started my journey alone . I was scared I would give up but instead , I kept telling myself to keep moving and to learn more on how to eat smarter. My weight was about 270 pounds which was the highest weight I reached. I went to see my doctor at the time who looked me in the face and told me that I was going down a path that was going to lead me to complications in the future. So, everyday I would ask my brother to drive me down to the track near my house and I would walk . Eventually , I took the walking into jogging . The jogging into running . I kept this up until I was able to be a member at a gym. I became a guest of my brothers membership at planet fitness. I started out with the treadmill. then, I upgraded to the elliptical and stairclimber. I was petrified of learning how to move my body, but I realized if I wanted to keep this weightloss journey going, I would have to teach myself regardless if I was doing anything right. I started watching youtube videos of different exercises and continued to eat smarter . I then decided to get a membership of my own in a different gym, so that I have access to all equipment I would start challenging my body in ways I never have. With this came the price of more verbal abuse . I have been made fun of for the way I was working out and videoed taped just to be made fun of online. I have had fake instagram pages made of me calling me a “fat Pig” Photos of pigs and overweight women with my face plastered on them . I have had numerous instagram pages write comments like “ I should just die because I will always be a fat girl” or I should be ashamed of myself for what I look like. The list goes on and on. My passion for fitness grew more and more from this point forward. The name calling and the hurtful comments only made my motivation that much stronger . My calling in life is to help people. To help women of all ages love their body with a little help through health and fitness. Our minds are the most powerful tool given to us. If I believed everything that has been said to me, I would not have my voice today to help others just like myself overcome verbal abuse and rise above the hate . Working out isn’t scary. You learn a great deal about yourself when you realize who you are, and how exceptionally beautiful and strong we can be.

Continue to tell yourself that YOU are strong . You are Beautiful . You are enough. We are ALL different but we are all quite the same too.